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Exclusive to Clarus, MerchReport.com is a unique reporting tool designed to help companies monitor the efficiency of their credit card processing and get the absolute lowest Interchange rates.


Designed specifically for large companies, or companies with extremely high payment processing volumes, MerchReport.com helps you analyze your internal employee activity at point-of-sale. You can use this information to ensure your employees are handling credit card transactions correctly, preventing accidental downgrades and eliminating unnecessary processing costs.

"MerchReport.com allows me to quantify my "controllable downgrade" opportunities by reason and dollars by branch. Without MerchReport, we estimate that our excess fees due to these controllable downgrades would cost us an additional $2 million annually. It’s all about having the data to be able to educate your employees to avoid making the controllable actions that cost you money." — Steven R. Murphy, ABC Supply Co, Inc., Beloit, WI

Like our other reporting tools, MerchReport.com is an online application that runs through your Web browser so it’s available any time from virtually any location.

MerchReport.com is not a replacement for MerchantConnect or MerchantConnect Premium. It works in conjunction with these programs to provide additional monitoring and control of your credit card processing.