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MerchantConnect Premium

Management and reporting for multi-location businesses.


The more credit card transactions you process, the more important easy, efficient account management becomes.

Likewise, the more benefits that analyzing that transaction data can offer your business. MerchantConnect Premium gives you both.

MerchantConnect Premium is Elavon’s most comprehensive and versatile reporting solution.

Like MerchantConnect, MerchantConnect Premium provides easy, online account management through your web browser without the need for additional software. It also provides the same fast access to past transactions, statements and batches.

MerchantConnect Premium offers all the reporting and analysis capabilities as MerchantConnect plus additional tools for larger companies, such as the ability to track multiple physical locations or business units.

See critical business information, including:
  • Recent deposits
  • Chargeback and retrieval requests
  • Key business metrics—up to one year of activity charted by volume, payment type, average ticket and transaction count
  • Up to six months of past statements
  • Up to 30 days of settled batch activity
  • Drill down data display.
  • Group transactions by card type or batch reference number for analysis
  • Track activity for multiple MIDs
  • Aggregate data from multiple MIDs for hierarchical reporting