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Integrated ERP Solutions

SX.e version 4.4

A Comprehensive Distribution Software System

Combining power, control and convenience, ERP SX.enterprise is a robust distribution management solution expressly designed to help distributors of all types run an efficient, end-to-end operation. From accounting and sales to the warehouse, SX.e facilitates enhanced customer service, optimized inventory levels, increased productivity and improved profitability.

Advanced technology made easy

Advanced in both design and function, yet remarkably easy-to-use, SX.e delivers unparalleled quality and functionality. Your business processes are automated through an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface, a full-featured client/server system and flexible, event-driven operations. The software package runs on the latest Windows®-based connectivity standards.

Do more with less

With customizable search capabilities, innovative features and instant navigation, SX.e enables users to accomplish tasks with greater speed, accuracy and convenience than other software systems, allowing distributors to more efficiently maximize resources throughout their business.

FACTS Version 7.6.6/Distribution Express

ERP FACTS provides a robust supply chain solution designed to help distributors across all industries manage key assets and maximize profitability while enhancing customer service and productivity. Distribution Express (FACTS) makes doing business easier and more cost-effective for thousands of distribution companies nationwide.

Distribution Express is a highly configurable ERP solution with industry-specific purchasing, stocking, selling and servicing capabilities. Robust functionality and innovative features create high levels of efficiency, accuracy and convenience, while amplifying your resources and access to information across your entire operation. Distribution Express is easy to implement and support, keeping your IT staff levels to a minimum and reducing training costs. The result is integration, automation and simplicity that optimize corporate performance.


A+ is the leading ERP solution for wholesale distribution companies operating within an IBM System (formerly AS/400 or iSeries) environment. From payment processing and web-based communications to inventory and warehouse management, A+ automates core business processes to improve productivity, customer service and profitability. A+ offers a graphical, distributor-specific interface with wide range of flexible functionalities supporting business intelligence, financial analysis, sales marketing automation and more. The software is compatible with all leading operating systems.


Hard goods distributors and wholesalers benefit mightily from is a Supply House Information Management System (SHIMS), a comprehensive application package designed specifically for their needs. Taking full advantage of the latest RISC-based processors, SHIMS gives distributors complete control of their entire business by uniting the Universe 4GL environment with the IBM/U2 Software's Universe post-relational database.

The system comprehensively automates the day-to-day tasks of distribution including sales, return goods, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, branch transfers, inventory control, general ledger, EDI functionality, Desktop faxing and all the associated inquiries and reports.


Eclipse is a leading distribution ERP software solution that provides powerful technology for wholesalers in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical and PVF industries.

Eclipse’s robust industry functionality upgrades all aspects of your business, such as when and how much to buy, back office accounting and sales order entry— the most common function for every distributor. Other highlights of the system include:

  • Dynamic search features that allow you to locate any information you need from any screen
  • Multi-company, multi-branch and multi-currency capabilities
  • Advanced purchasing and inventory management helps decrease your inventory investment while increasing customer service
  • Secure, role-based permissions and complete audit trails (SOX compliant).
  • Real-time and transactional-based system eliminates batch accounting processes
  • Warehouse management improves accuracy and efficiency

As part of the Eclipse Distribution Suite, the software integrates with many value-added modules, including Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing and Service Dispatch.

Prophet 21

Prophet 21® wholesale distribution software utilizes a Windows-based platform and SQL Server database. This technology gives Prophet 21 the familiarity of other Windows programs and shortens the new user’s learning curve. The openness of the SQL Server database ensures users can quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace to maintain competitive advantage.

Prophet 21 can be implemented either onsite or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

As part of the Prophet 21 Distribution Suite, the software integrates with many value-add modules, including Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing and Service Dispatch.


xTuple business management software gives growing companies more control over operations and profitability. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas into one system: sales, accounting and operations, customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution.

As commercial open source software, xTuple gives customers the ability to tailor solutions with multi-platform support for Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile as well as flexible licensing and pricing options. The commercially-licensed editions of xTuple ERP are designed for businesses with larger-scale distribution and manufacturing operations.

Dynamag equipment and swiper solutions

Small-Footprint. USB Powered. Bi-directional.

For customers that want both security and ease of use, the Dynamag Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe™-secured and offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features you can trust. Specifically designed to meet PCI DSS requirements to secure cardholder data, the Dynamag employs the industry standard, Triple DES encryption. The Dynamag is USB powered. This bi-directional SCRA conveniently makes any existing merchant application more secure.

The Dynamag enables retailers to future-proof their POS applications with support for both today’s traditional applications and tomorrow’s advanced security requirements. The Dynamag is 100% interface-compatible with all traditional MagTek® readers while also enabling advanced security features including card authentication, data encryption and device/host authentication to be activated when higher security is demanded.