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It Pays to Partner with Clarus

CLARUS Merchant Services, founded in 1999, is dedicated to providing our merchants a level of professionalism and service no other payment processor can equal. Scale, flexibility and security mean Clarus merchants benefit from single-platform execution, a full suite of integrated future-proof products, value-added servicing and in-depth management reporting. CLARUS  processes over 5 billion dollars per year while having the  highest retention factors in the industry.

Specialized expertise in wholesale distribution and credit unions

Clarus has extensive experience partnering with the building materials distribution industry and the credit union market. Our fast, secure payment processing cuts transaction time, while our security services help prevent fraud, chargebacks and downgrades.

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • 1.5 second average response time
  • Flexibility to accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Payments within 24-48 hours.
  • Retail specific hardware and software
  • Easy integration with existing ERP, CRM and POS software
  • Tokenization for online sales
  • PCI compliance certification
  • Unified reporting for all card types
  • Support for multiple locations

Clarus is committed to absolute integrity and proactive customer service excellence. We consult with our merchants to reduce their expenses through pricing as well as achieving greater efficiency within their payment processing solution.