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CardXTM creates value by reducing transaction costs. Different cards have different costs; our patent-pending technology calculates in real time the cost to accept a given card and creates incentives for consumers to make lower-cost payment choices.

CardX is a technology provider of innovative service fee and surcharge solutions. We license our solutions to sales partners such as software companies and merchant service providers. CardX solutions serve government entities, schools, and businesses of all kinds.

CardX was founded in Chicago in August 2013.

The Rules Have Changed

New rules allow merchants to add a fee for the use of credit cards.
Merchants are not permitted to add a fee to debit cards.

Our patent-pending technology ensures regulatory compliance by determining whether a given card is a credit card or a debit card before the transaction is processed. Zero-Cost Credit automatically applies a fee whenever a credit card is swiped or entered so that you receive 100% of the amount of your sale...

Zero-Cost Credit increases consumer fairness.

Credit cards cost more to accept than cash or debit cards. Under the old rules, merchants were not able to add fees for the use of credit cards, so they passed on this cost to all customers.

When all customers bear the cost of credit cards, the average credit card user receives a subsidy of $1,133 each year from customers who choose cash or debit.1

1 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, “Who Gains and Who Loses from Credit Card Payments?” Public Policy Discussion Paper No. 10-03, 2010.

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